Argus Privacy Principles

Consumer privacy is a top priority for Argus. As a global leader of intelligence, decision support solutions, and advisory services to financial institutions and other verticals engaged in the global commerce ecosystem, we take privacy to the next level in two important ways (1) we only ingest anonymized data as an input to provide our industry-leading analytics, and (2) we only produce aggregated outputs. This ensures that individuals cannot be identified within the data.

Additionally, we implement multi-layered organizational, technical and administrative measures that are designed to protect the anonymized data under our control. These include, among other things: limiting access to such data; using technology measures like tokenization, encryption, firewalls, malware protection and intrusion detection; maintaining policies that are aligned to a wide variety of legal requirements; and holding our associates accountable for maintaining safe data-handling practices and adhering to our internal policies and procedures. Further, we have a global organization of qualified data security professionals, and engage in regular system testing and updating of our controls to keep pace with changing technology and security threats.

The power of our analytics is driven by our longstanding relationship with our bank clients. Since Argus’s inception we have worked closely with our clients to successfully avoid the transfer of personal information by never receiving consumers’ names, account numbers and other individual identifiers. As such, we do not have the ability to share personal information with our customers or partners. If you are interested to learn more about your financial institution’s privacy and data sharing practices, we encourage you to contact your financial institution or examine its relevant policies. This is where you can manage any consumers rights you may want to exercise. And if exercised, our bank clients will know to update their data feeds to comply with relevant privacy laws.