Q1 Inflation Pulse Analysis Report

The Argus 2022 Inflation Pulse Analysis helps financial institutions adjust their products and strategies by revealing where and how inflation has impacted consumers.

This report will show you:

  • Consumers are paying more for goods and services: An increase in total spend is largely driven by larger ticket sizes—consumers are willing to pay more in some categories than others
  • Individuals are willing to pay more for travel: Travel-related spend has returned to pre-pandemic levels as a proportion of total spend—gas and vehicles are leading that growth, largely due to increased ticket sizes. Not all consumers are able to absorb these increases on an ongoing basis
  • Historically high deposit balances are helping to offset increased costs: Consumers are both tapping into their savings and are making more strategic decisions about the types and categories of services they choose to spend within

Inflationary changes in the market impact segments of your customer base differently. Argus can do a deep dive analysis of your portfolio to identify opportunities specific to your business.

To learn more, contact us below to download the Argus 2022 Inflation Pulse Analysis.