Existing regulations are constantly evolving, and new regulations are continuously being introduced. Argus provides data management and supervisory analytical solutions to regulators and financial institutions.

After the 2007-08 financial crisis, we were engaged by financial regulators to create a data collection and analytics platform to collect, validate, and aggregate granular data for risk-based bank supervision. This gave regulators direct oversight and provided a mechanism to effectively react to risk.

Industry leading reporting solutions and supervisory analytics

Many financial institutions are challenged by the increasing pressure to provide high-quality regulatory data. Our platform solves this by managing your data more efficiently, integrating modeling solutions, and streamlining regulatory analytics and reporting.

How it works

  • Regulatory data management for financial institutions

    Regulatory data management for financial institutions

    Our agile platform and solutions can support aggregating template-based and granular data from disparate source systems to build regulatory templates. This is enhanced by a multi-tier and iterative data quality framework of source data, risk data warehouse/data lake, and regulatory datamarts. Ultimately, the ability to track data lineage to the source systems for a clear audit trail.

  • Regulatory reporting for financial institutions

    Regulatory reporting for financial institutions

    We provide last-mile reporting, which includes: On-demand pre-submission analytics at overall bank holding and entity level, iterative data quality checks with drill down to granular risk data warehouse/data lake, regulatory and compliance sandbox, CFO/CRO attestation, workflow management tools for tracking and monitoring consulting support for investigations of regulatory/respondent edit checks (including MRA).

  • Supervisory analytics for financial institutions

    Supervisory analytics for financial institutions

    Our framework can determine your financial institution’s risk appetite, risk profiles, and risk concentration map. Our solutions contain heat maps and early warning systems comprised of RAS/CAMEL/ITCC, benchmarks for supervisory KPI for peer analysis and insights, and a suite of on-demand analytical tools.

  • Data management for regulators

    Data management for regulators

    We accurately collect granular data from financial institutions. Our platform enables secure and automated granular data collection on a frequency basis, a self-service data quality engine to significantly identify data quality for remediation, and API to third-party tools to enable supervisory analytics across capital formation, consumer protection, operational processes, and loss forecasting.

  • Supervisory analytics for regulators

    Supervisory analytics for regulators

    We developed our supervisory data collection platform to provide regulatory supervisory teams with analytics solutions, such as interactive MIS for examination staff, economists, and publications staff, peer analysis and benchmarking across risk categories and financial institutions, and the ability to set up a collaborative environment to improve data sharing amongst federal and state regulators.

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