Credit abuse is the reason for more than 20% of credit losses for organizations today. In 2019, U.S. financial institutions lost an estimated $5.9 billion in credit abuse. As fraudulent activity continues to become increasingly large-scale and sophisticated, it’s becoming harder for financial institutions to detect malicious behavior on their own.

Prevent fraud with data and expertise

Our proprietary fraud solutions use our comprehensive credit and debit consortia transactional data—1.8 billion account-level records plus advanced analytics—to accurately identify fraudulent behavior and provide actionable solutions for banks to reduce fraud losses.

How it works

  • Combat sophisticated credit abuse

    Combat sophisticated credit abuse

    With our credit risk scoring solutions, you can easily link and observe nearly all credit card behaviors in a customer’s wallet—and identify the customers more likely to abuse credit before they can do damage.

  • Prevent third-party fraud losses

    Prevent third-party fraud losses

    Personal data gets compromised all the time, everywhere. Our solutions are able to combat this by identifying the merchant locations most likely to be associated with data breaches or skimming. Our customers see our solutions identify an incremental 30% of losses beyond what their existing fraud solutions detect.

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