Marketing Effectiveness Solutions

Since our inception, we have worked with our bank clients to help continuously improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by refining their prospect targeting and optimizing offers to their existing customers.

Our solutions enable banks, as well as their cobrand and retail partners, to better understand their customers’ share of wallet, and account-level financial performance versus their peer group. Uncovering these insights allows them to better target prospects and existing customer campaigns for successful outcomes.

Solutions that use real data

Our credit card, deposit, and small business account data are all observed, not surveyed, sampled, scaled, or modeled. We receive daily and monthly data feeds—from over 300 million accounts—that power our solutions to provide a complete and anonymized view into a consumer’s wallet as well as their responses to marketing stimuli for behavioral shifts. This full wallet view combined with our extensive media partnerships, helps our banks create an omnichannel measurement of marketing effectiveness, which includes their direct marketing, digital, audio, social, and TV campaigns.


COVID-19 Consumer Spend Impact Tracker

The COVID-19 Consumer Sales Impact Tracker updates you on daily changes in consumer spending patterns relative to the pandemic; giving you the information you need to proactively plan and manage your business.

Spend Attributes

Our spend attributes reveal your customers spend propensities with other merchants.

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