Consumer & Merchant Insights

Leveraging consumer card transaction data for customer and merchant insights can be very powerful, but the data is messy, and smaller data sets can also lead to incorrect consumer or merchant behavioral signals. Our proprietary merchant tagging algorithm for issuers and their cobrand and retail partners leverage machine learning and third-party data sets to create a comprehensive view of a consumer’s spending at merchant locations—both in-store and online.

Through our data partners, we provide anonymized shopper demographics along with geolocation and web traffic behavior. This detailed and complete view unleashes powerful insights into changing consumer behaviors.

Insights that grow your business

Our solutions are delivered through interactive online dashboards that provide views into spending & lending behaviors and an understanding of how customers shop with a retailer compared with others in the same category. They also track weekly sales trends for key merchants and categories, daily changes in consumer spending patterns, and provide consumer-level estimates that tell you how much your customers are spending with you relative to the competition.

How it works

Track consumer spend

Our Consumer Spend Impact Tracker is easily accessible via dashboards and can also be delivered through a data cube. The trackers update you on daily changes in consumer spending at the category level. This gives you the information you need to proactively plan and manage your business.

Monitor retail trends

With Retail TrendWatch, you can see the overall spending trends of a retailer compared to the related category or peer set by channel, state, and week.

Evaluate customer engagement


Working with our issuers, we can evaluate customer engagement marketing programs to help you evaluate if your marketing efforts have had the desired impact on customer behavior, and if you have shifted share of wallet from other cards.

Assess existing and prospective partnerships

Issuers can evaluate their existing and prospective cobrand partnerships with our Retail Partnerships Insights dashboard. It provides insights into consumer spending across the US general-purpose credit card market with a focus on specific merchants.

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