Media Effectiveness

A bank’s ability to measure the impact of a marketing campaign on new account acquisitions and ongoing card usage is critical to evaluating its effectiveness.

Cut marketing waste and improve wallet share

We work with our bank clients to create a virtuous circle of marketing effectiveness; we start by helping banks target the right audiences, then help them select the most responsive media for their target audience, and then we measure the effectiveness of the campaign in order to refine and improve the ROI for subsequent campaigns.

How it works

Broad credit card portfolio coverage


With our vast coverage of the US credit card market, we can measure your campaign and benchmark your performance against your peers.

Detailed measurement

Our solutions can measure the impact on card acquisitions, share shift, balance building, and card utilization.

Turnkey solutions

Our turnkey solutions include campaign tracking, impression tracking, and online dashboard access with 30-day post-transaction reporting.

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