Market & Competitive Analysis

In today’s rapidly changing consumer banking and credit environment, maintaining and growing competitive and healthy portfolios is more challenging than ever. You need a deep understanding of consumer behavior trends and a clear view of your competitive landscape to optimize your strategies, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

A complete consumer-level wallet view

When you have an unprecedented breadth and depth of data along with insights that tell you who your existing customers are and what they’re doing, you can optimize your decisions on how you interact with them. When you partner with Argus, you get timely, accurate, and insightful analytics, along with guidance from experts who have worked in banking and financial industries for their entire careers.

For two decades, the world’s top banks and financial institutions have relied on us and our data to help them understand, influence, and enable their strategies so they can realize their full potential. Our access to the largest transactional data set in the U.S.—something no other consulting firm or provider has—grants you a complete view of your customers’ payments and lending behavior: how they earn, spend, pay, borrow, save, and invest.

Our suite of portfolio optimization services and solutions solve a wide array of problems for various decision makers across the organization. C-level executives and senior leaders in product, sales, marketing, risk, and finance, all rely on our expertise and insights to help them set strategies that maximize profits.

How it works

Minimize risk

How do you make the right credit decisions and avoid losses? By having the vast data and deep insights that make a difference for your unique business. Partner with us to learn the price points your customers are obtaining across other cards and lending products, ensure you are underwriting the right accounts, optimize your line strategy, and know how your losses compare to your competitors.

Understand your P&L and drive profitability

Our solutions help you to understand how profitable your customers are versus the competition. You’ll know how your revenue mix of fees, interchange, and interest compares to your competitors’, and you can figure out where your P&L opportunities and gaps are and how to address the

Know your customers better

Our data insights reveal who your customers truly are—the products they’re opening and the offers they’re taking, the merchants they’re doing business with, and what they’re spending with you versus your competitors. With this knowledge, you can identify areas to grow your revenues, optimize your costs, measure your attrition relative to the competition, learn if you’re retaining the right customers, discover what types of products are resonating in the broader market, and find out the true ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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