Portfolio Optimization

As competition continues to increase, emphasis needs to continue to be placed on optimizing your strategies across the customer life cycle: Better response rates, greater balance growth, and lower attrition.

Our insights into the competitive landscape—how your competition is performing, which strategies are working, and how customers are behaving—are essential for any product manager to know to optimize portfolio performance.

Account-level views of profitability

Argus has the unique ability to create an account-level P&L. We can monitor the account-level P&L so you can identify the profit pools in your portfolio and take appropriate actions. We can also view the account-level P&L shift as the account moves through the customer lifecycle.

With fresh data and seasoned experts, our analytic projects have been proven to deliver significant value for many of the largest banks around the world.

How it works

Grow your business through more effective marketing campaigns

Acquiring new customers is essential to any business but can be difficult and expensive—the key is identifying the right offer for the right customer. Our analytics can help you better understand your prospective customers to enable increased response rates and profitability from new acquisitions.

Optimize portfolio profitability

Through portfolio-level analyses, you can understand where the profit pools are in your business by segment, including: Vintage analysis, risk band analysis, product analysis, and customer segment analysis.

Keep your customers engaged

Our complete view of your customers provides us with a unique understanding of how consumers behave, and more importantly, why they move from one bank to another. Our solutions can help you understand the reasons consumers switch products so you can engage them and stop attrition before it starts.

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